The Kingdom Of God (So Far)

The Kingdom of God (So Far)

During this Season of Pentecost (roughly, the summer months), our Scripture readings teach us about the kingdom of God. What have they taught so far?

1) The kingdom has a king, Jesus. He is Lord of all things not only because He is God but also because He is human. By absorbing our flesh, sin, and death into Himself, He is the Lord of all flesh, even the sinful and the dead.

2) The kingdom comes to us as Jesus comes to us. Where the King, there the kingdom. In His body, Jesus carries God’s power of healing, forgiveness, and resurrection. Therefore, where Jesus puts Himself, there the kingdom sprouts and grows.

3) The kingdom has come to you. By putting Himself with you, making you members of His body, Jesus has promised you a share in His healing, forgiveness, and resurrection.

This past Monday, I talked with a member of Zion about the kingdom, and we put it this way:
1) The kingdom is God’s rule.
2) God’s rule is health, peace, and life.
3) Health, peace, and life have come to the world in the body of Jesus.
4) By making us members of His body, He makes us His kingdom.

~ Pastor Gjerde

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