From the Kantor

A Father’s Influence: In the month of June we pause to remember fathers. Often we think of fathers sharing their love of sports, carpentry, and outdoor activities, things that could be labeled “manly” endeavors, perhaps because they involve physical strength. What about the father who sings? That takes strength also! My father loved to sing. I remember him singing at home, in worship (whether in the pew with my mother and sister, or in the choir loft), or while he worked.

Often times, in our world, singing by men isn’t viewed as important or something “real men” do! However, when it comes to singing the faith, nothing sets an example for children (especially boys) than a man sharing the words of the Gospel through music. The male voice adds a wonderful foundation to the treble voices. For me, it’s easier to sing when there is a low voice supporting my voice!

In worship, the liturgy itself is the most child-friendly thing the Church has to offer, particularly because they learn to sing and pray it before they can even read, merely by the weekly repetition. And when they hear their father sing the liturgy, they realize its importance. So, go ahead, men, and sing in church. You are raising your children to sing of Jesus’ love. That gift is priceless!

Joy in Jesus,
Kantor Irene Beethe