From the Kantor

“What does it mean to receive an award?” In early November I attended the 43rd Annual Awards Banquet of the Concordia Historical Institute. After receiving notification that I was to receive an Award of Commendation, I had no idea what to expect. Upon arrival at Koburg Hall at Concordia Seminary Saint Louis, I was welcomed by members of the awards committee, the board of governors and the staff of CHI. Further conversation revealed many direct connections to Zion!

The banquet was framed by the singing of two hymns: Feed Your Children, God, Most Holy and Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word, reminding us that we are still about the work of the church. After dinner and introductions, the awards were presented. The commendation I received read as follows: “To Irene Beethe for Charles W. Ore: An American Original. This book marvelously blends objectivity and originality in a Christ-centered manner that touches the heart, mind, and soul through the impact of the outstanding musical career of Charles W. Ore. The book promises to be a resourceful and timeless treatise on the past, present, and future necessity for Spirit-blessed good music in the widespread advance of the Church.”

What a humbling experience to receive such an award in the company of so many influential people! I give thanks to the people of Zion for their support in the publishing of this book. While my name is on the award, in my heart I share it with each of you, who through your continual encouragement in the daily tasks of ministry, provide the freedom to serve the Lord with gladness! Thanks be to God!

Kantor Beethe