Luther Square

Imagine an outdoor space for Zion to gather comfortably, welcome the neighborhood, and share the Word of God and life of the Church. Imagine that outdoor space with accessible and versatile room for worship, learning, play, and fellowship, enhancing both the ministry of the Gospel and the appearance of Zion and its neighborhood.

The Rite of Dedication will take place on Sunday, September 26, following the 9 AM service. We will form a procession and walk outdoors to the Square, there to render hearty thanks to God and ask Him to bless Zion and our neighborhood in the use of this space.

Recent updates:

Lift high the cross! The 12-or-so foot cross that serves as a focalpoint for the northeast corner of Luther Square is now in place, powder-
coated the same color as the cross on the back of the church.

4,000! Jesus once fed 4,000 men (Mark 8:1-10), and now we pray Him to feed the Square’s 4,000 native wildflowers and prairie plants,
edged by sod and sprouting grass.

Seven! Seven lamps burn before God in the heavenly Zion (Revelation 4:5b), and seven outdoor lamps will light the way on Luther Square, too. However, delays in manufacturing, so typical for this year, have delayed the installation of those lamps to as late as mid-November.

What remains? A few other tasks remain to complete the irrigation system, and once WPS buries Zion’s electrical lines, the electrical system will be ready for the lamps. By promise and warranty, REVI Design will monitor the tress and other plantings for the next year to ensure that they root and do well.

This plan overview shows the square’s main spaces: one large and several smaller grassy areas for versatile usage; paved paths and plazas for outdoor worship and staged events; trees for shade and comfort.

These views show the square looking from the church towards the corner of Franklin and 7th Streets. You can see two plazas for outdoor worship and other events (music, learning, etc.). The plaza in the center is even with the ground, accessible to all. The other is slightly raised for staging, and could serve an audience in either the square or the parking lot. The designer (Revi Design) added tents around the edges to help us imagine using the space for an outdoors sale or church festival.

The above is an image of the square, looking towards the church (in white) from the corner of Franklin and 7th.


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Fun Facts about Luther Square:

Every line on the square directs the eye to the Cross on the back of Zion’s house of worship:
A person walking on the two center sidewalks walks directly towards that Cross

The sides of the paved areas all point towards it, as well.

A large Cross will stand at the corner of Franklin and Seventh in line with the church’s Cross and in its same color.

Trees and plantings used in its landscaping are native to Wisconsin.

A mix of trees will be planted, some for immediate effect and others for longer-stage growth.

Construction of the Square has prompted Zion to work with WPS to bury electrical lines on the property, further improving the appearance of Zion’s space.

Paved areas will make the space more accessible to all and remove the unevenness of ground.

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