From the Vicar

Brothers and Sisters of Zion Lutheran, grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Risen Lord Jesus Christ! Spring is certainly in full swing now. The flowers are in bloom, leaves stretching out from their buds, and that warm weather is sporadically attempting to give us a taste of the impending summer. It is a pleasant time, all the more so because the new life that nature yields in spring is just one more reminder of the new life the Risen One, Jesus Christ, gives you each day.

In this late spring we often find ourselves growing impatient with the cold that yet lingers, and we just want to get on with the sunshine and fun of summer affairs. In the same way we get that same feeling when it comes to gospel which we have been blessed with. Throughout this Easter season we have heard of glorious life given to us by God in the Resurrection of his Son who is the Christ. This Jesus who dies on the cursed tree— taking upon himself all the sins of the world—does not stay dead in the tomb, but blasts open deaths doors and proclaims to us a new creation. This is the new creation he gives to you in Word and Sacrament for his mercies are indeed new each and every morning. And so, after being inundated with this glorious and triumphant proclamation throughout the whole Easter season, we get the sense that in being filled with the joy of the gospel, the season of summer and growth is upon the church as well. We are to be patient and abide in the word, for Christ is taking this time to build his bride the church (and we being the members of this married body) that she may be presented without spot or wrinkle: holy without blemish (Eph 5:27).

Jesus executes the will of the Father, and this new life given through Christ binds you firmly into that sacred covenant by faith. Be nourished in this time by the word of God in Christ Jesus and the gifts he gives to you so that, like the trees which daily open more and more buds revealing a fine foliage of leaves, you too may come to full bloom.

I will be temporarily absent, as I will be engaged in annual training operations with the United States Navy and Marine Corps to be conducted in Columbia, South Carolina. I thank you for your gracious support in this and every endeavor, for it is with great joy that children go from a loving and doting mother; off to learn in the way of the Father. I look forward to my return in July with great anticipation. May you, as the one body of Christ, in Zion Lutheran Church continue to give thanks in all circumstances and rejoice in the eternal blessings of the Living God; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Fides ex auditu

Vicar Joe