Special Music Events at Zion in 2022

God calls His Church to be a gift to the world. The Church does so in many ways, from preaching the Gospel to feeding the poor. One way we have blessed our neighbors at Zion for the past 10 years is through the gift of music.

Since the dedication of our Great Organ in 2010, Zion has hosted 21 performers in its Organ Concert Series. These concerts have been free and open to the public, one way that Zion has shared “who we are” with our neighbors. In 2020 we postponed the tenth anniversary of the Kegg Organ. In 2022, we restarted the celebration of the organ’s dedication, and as part of that celebration, we will give the Organ Concert Series a grand conclusion. The final performance has been scheduled.

Save the Date:

Saturday, October 22, 2022 7:00 pm Jeffery Blersch from Concordia University, Nebraska will lead us with a hymn festival based on the book of Romans.

Please enjoy the weekly musical offerings, live-streamed every Wednesday at Noon on Facebook live. This “Music at the Middle of the Day” can also be accessed on our YouTube Channel.

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