Join us for Bible Study!

In Person Bible Study:

In Person Bible Study (Fellowship Hall)

Tuesdays: Bible Study, 9 AM
“The Creeds”
What are the Biblical foundations of the Church’s creeds? Pr. Johnson will explore this topic every Tuesday, a further investigation of his preaching series on Wednesdays.
Thursdays: Men’s Bible Study, 7 AM

Who were Elijah and Elisha? What do their prophetic ministries teach us about the Lord and trusting in Him? Pr. Gjerde will explore these topics as we read 1 and 2 Kings.

Children’s and Youth Education: In-Person and On-Line

Sundays: In-Person Sunday School, 10 AM
Pre-School – Grade 4

In-Person Pre-Confirmation, 10 AM
Grades 5-6

After the 9 AM Divine Service, the children will go up to the East Balcony for music, instruction, and will receive materials to bring home to continue to help build up their faith.

Wednesdays: Confirmation, 6:30 PM
For children older than Grade 6 who have worshiped at Zion for a good year.


Fridays: Weekly parent sheet

Tuesdays on Facebook: “Picture Time!”

Thursdays on Facebook (8:30 PM): “Story Time!”
All videos are recorded and available later.

Confirmation Class  began meeting in perso on September 9th. Students not attending in person are to watch a video posted on YouTube about our weekly lesson, as well as complete the assigned questions for the week. These questions will need to be turned in (digital or hard copies) on a weekly basis. We also will be meeting once a month online over Zoom. Videos for instruction will be uploaded both to our YouTube Channel and the Confirmation page.

Online and In-Home Study

Sundays: Bible Study, 10:15 AM
Live-Streamed and Posted to Website

Tuesdays: Picture Time!
Artwork for Sunday (and Everyone!)
Live-Streamed and Posted to Website

Wednesdays: Word at the Middle of the Week, 8:30 AM
Lenten Study: “Six Psalms by Heart”

The psalms open up conversation with God! Just a few psalms, carried in the heart, can become lifetime friends and sources of wisdom and resilience. This Lent, you have the opportunity
to learn six psalms with the pastors of Zion:

February 23: Psalm 6: O Lord, rebuke me not in your anger
March 2: Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd
March 9: Psalm 32: Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven
March 16: Psalm 46: God is our refuge and strength
March 23: Psalm 100: Make a joyful noise to the Lord
March 30: Psalm 146: Praise the Lord!

Live-Streamed and Posted to Website

Weekly: “The Shepherd’s Voice” Devotion page.

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