Emma Pagel and Elle Stimac were confirmed in the catholic and apostolic faith on Pentecost Sunday, May 20th. Confirmation classes will take a break for the summer and will resume on Wednesday, September 5th.

Sunday School

Sunday School recessed for the summer on May 20. We honored the teachers for their faithful sharing of the faith delivered to the saints: Kantor Irene Beethe, Vicar Joe Pinzl, (Pre-K/K) Linda Schultz and Jon Oestreich, (1st/2nd Grade) Joel Lewis and T’Neal Kulesa, (3rd/4th Grade) Bonnie Waack and Chelsey Kilty, (5th/6th Grade) Scott Ray. We look ahead to next year, which begins on September 9! In the meantime, encourage your children to participate in Kantor Quest—and see you in church!

Kantor Quest V

For the past 4 summers, I have sent the Sunday School children in our congregation a letter each month with some questions connected with worship. This summer the “detective work” continues with KANTOR QUEST V. Using hymns from both Lutheran Book of Worship and With One Voice, the students will take a closer look at the hymns of Lent, Easter, and Ascension.. The summer gives students a chance to look more closely at hymns of these seasons. The first set of clues in FOR YOU will appear on June 3. If you would like to have KANTOR QUEST V sent to your home, please contact the church office. We will be glad to include you in our detective work this summer! You may notice a special KANTOR QUEST box located by the church office. This is where the students may return their completed sheets so I can correct them before the next month arrives!

Adult Bible Study

Sundays, 10:15 AM: “Who Are We?” The Story of Lutherans in America
Vicar Pinzl will be telling the stories of Lutherans in America! Starting Sunday, June 3, he will present Lutheranism’s earliest experiences in colonial America, its development as an immigrant church in the 1800’s, and its modern day growth and challenges. Come and learn our “family stories”!

Tuesdays at 9 AM: The I AM Statements
In the Gospel of John, Jesus makes seven classic statements about himself that begin with I am: “I am the good shepherd,” “I am the bread of life,” and others. What promise is He speaking in each of these statements? What is He teaching us? How do these statements shape the Christian life? This study will not only focus on the seven statements themselves, but also other Biblical passages that shine a light on their imagery and purpose.

Thursday Men’s Breakfast at 7 AM: The Gospel according to Matthew
Some call this gospel, written by the tax collector, Matthew, “catechism of the Christian life.” It tells the story of Jesus in a way that teaches how the followers of Jesus live by Jesus’ life alone.