“Praxis: Doing the Faith”
Jesus bids His Church to “make disciples.” How do you do that? How do you follow Christ in a way that makes other followers? When and how might you baptize someone? How might you share the faith with unbelievers or family members? What does the Bible say about living in the family? How do Christians pray daily? How might you read the Bible with more understanding? Why do we celebrate Holy Communion the way we do it? How might you lead a simple service of prayer? This class is appropriate for confirmed believers of any age who want to dig just a bit deeper.

Start: Wednesday, Sept. 11 in the conference room at 7 p.m. No Class Sept 25.
Teacher: Pastor Gjerde
Time Commitment: 8 weeks, 6-7 sessions.

Sundays at 10:15 AM: First Corinthians.
Jealousy, scandal, the Lord’s Supper, your resurrection—all these subjects we find addressed in this book, written by the apostle Paul. Church Hall

Tuesdays at 9 AM: Ephesians.
This Gospel-rich letter is saturated with promise of grace in our Lord Jesus Christ, that it might nourish all the beloved, strengthening them in the weapons of the Spirit.

Thursday Men’s Breakfast at 7 AM: Revelation
Our Lord Jesus once comforted the apostle John with visions of His return at the end of history and defeat of sin, death, and the devil. St. John recorded these visions in the book of Revelation, and now they comfort the whole Church! Come learn how the promised victory of Christ strengthens you for faith, hope, and love today. Church Hall

Children’s and Youth Education

Sunday School / Pre-Confirmation Classes
During the first quarter of our Sunday school year, our children will be learning about God’s faithfulness towards His people Israel. As He protected them so long ago in Egypt, delivering them from the hand of Pharaoh and into the land He promised, so too does our Lord Jesus Christ deliver and protect us all. The children will be singing at the 9:00 AM service on Reformation Sunday, October 27. There will be no classes on that day. May God continue to bless the efforts of our faithful Sunday school staff.

Confirmation Class
Class meets every Wednesday in October. This month we continue our focus on the 10 Commandments—the Fourth through the Eighth in October! Please keep Zion’s confirmands in your prayers as they prepare for publicly confessing Christ’s mercy and eternal
life. Also, be sure to mark on your calendars this date: Sunday, November 3. Our Fun Fall Event will be at Day’s Bowl-a-Dome (1715 Stewart Avenue) starting at 3 PM. This event is graciously sponsored by the Women of Zion. Thank you on behalf of our youth!

High School Students
Every second Monday of the month through May our high school students gather for pizza with the pastor at a local restaurant. This month we are gathering on October 14 at Polito’s in downtown Wausau at 6 PM. These monthly gatherings are graciously sponsored by the Women of Zion.

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