Childhood and Youth Education

Sunday School

Sunday School Comes to A Close Sunday School recessed for the summer on May 22. We honored the teachers for their faithful sharing of the faith delivered to the saints: Kantor Irene Beethe, Rae Beilke, Linda Schultz, T’Neal Kulesa, Jessica Pagel, Michael Cornell, John and Carol Rich, and Scott Ray. We look ahead to next year, which begins on September 10!

Kantor Quest
Last summer, the children in our congregation received a letter each month with some “special detective work” connected with worship. You may also remember a notice in the bulletin with the title “Kantor Quest.” Get your investigative skills ready! Kantor Quest will be back each weekend this summer beginning June 3rd.

Confirmation class explored Scripture this year. Next year, we start up again with the Small Catechism!

Adult Bible Study

Zion’s kantor, Mrs. Irene Beethe, will lead a six-week series on why Lutherans sing the hymns they sing—and why they don’t sing others! Using video, anecdote, history, and more, Kantor Beethe will explore the Lutheran musical heritage. (Church Hall)

Tuesdays at 9:00 AM: Book of Hebrews
Following the death and resurrection of Jesus, all things in the Old Testament take on a new light, teaching us to see all of our life in the light of Jesus and His grace. The book of Hebrews helps us to walk in this new light and appreciate the New Testament of Jesus Christ(Church Hall)

Thursday Men’s Breakfast at 7 AM: The Book of Matthew
Most of our gospel readings this year will come from the gospel according to Matthew. The tax collector called by Christ, Matthew writes a gospel that some have called a “catechism of the Christian life.” He tells us the story of Jesus in a way that teaches how the followers of Jesus live by Jesus’ life alone. Come and let Matthew renew your own living of the Life. (Church Hall)