Peace Be With You!

A Reflection on the Holy Trinity

If God isn’t the Holy Trinity, then there’s no hope. It’s that simple.

For if God is just One Big Man up there in the sky, the Sky God who’s looking for love—good heavens, won’t he be disappointed? Or to put it differently, if God is just that Spirit in the Sky who wants you to be lovable so that he has someone to love (or who wants you to be loving so that he feels loved, or to love others so that his love grows, or however you want to put it), then love ultimately depends on YOU. Love depends on the world and its ability to love and be lovable. Look around: how’s that going?

But if God is more than one, and specifically, if He is the Three who calls Himself Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, then love no longer depends on the world’s ability to love and or its capacity to be lovable. Rather, it rests on God’s own nature: He is the Father and Son who love each other in the Spirit. You might say, God already has the love that He demands, because He is Himself three persons caught up in love. That’s who God was before light streamed through the universe or the first man sneezed, and it’s who God will be forever.

That’s what we mean by “Trinity.” There will always be love—there is always hope!—because God is the Father and Son loving each other even when we don’t, and He is the Spirit who takes their love and opens it up to a world of creatures, even those who fail a being lovable. All other religions are simply a version of the Big Sky God who demands love and complains that he never gets enough. But because Love came down, became flesh, and was crucified for the unlovable, sending His Love abroad to the nations, we can never have that god. We must have the Holy Trinity.

Pr. Gjerde


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Jesus is the center of Zion’s life. He is risen from the dead, and He is on a mission: to make disciples of all nations. A disciple is someone who learns from a teacher and follows in his way. Zion is a gathering of Jesus’ disciples.

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